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Why Imperial Floats

Why choose an Imperial float over a cheaper competitor?

Imperial Floats manufacturing process is not subject to the cost-cutting practices typical for the mass-produced Chinese float manufacturing environment. To our knowledge, ALL of our competitors floats out of China are mass produced by high-volume fabricators who make floats for most of the imported brand names that have popped up in recent years. None of these Australian float vendors actually make their own products nor have any meaningful control over the quality of their products. In order to be competitive, the Chinese manufacturers who make these floats must offer the Australian vendors the lowest price by using the cheapest available materials and labour otherwise the Australian vendor will simply go to the next manufacturer.  Nothing great was ever produced using the cheapest materials and labour!

In contrast, Imperial floats are built in our own wholly owned 6400 square meter factory and by our own qualified fabrication staff who only make Imperial floats and special vehicles. Our floats are designed by our engineering team specifying first-grade material [...]
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