Maintenance Tips

(a) Use the float in the specific way it is designed.

(b) Ensure regular maintenance and services are carried out at regular intervals.

(c) Ensure that it is housed, cleaned and serviced regularly. Regular intervals means no less than every twelve (12) months and preferably every six (6) months with high usage.

(d) The wheel bearings should be checked and regreased 6 to 12 months after purchase, then 12 monthly thereafter

(e) Any service or maintenance work must be carried out by a registered repairer or registered mechanic or returned to Imperial for its service or accessories to be fitted.

(f) Regular checks should be undertaken to ensure that tyre pressures remain at 40 PSI.

(g) Regular checks should be undertaken for floor wear, paint wear and wheel bearing wear.

(h) Suspension grease nipples must be regularly checked and re-greased every twelve (12) months.

(i) Regularly inspect the float for damage or wear that may result in unsafe use.

(j) Wheel nuts must be checked to ensure tightness after the first 200km and subsequently at no less than six (6) monthly intervals thereafter. Under frequent high use, we recommend shorter intervals.

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